Marie Bélanger, NHPC

Marie is a Natural Health Practitioner of Canada and practices a number of Holistic and Energy Healing modalities, including but not limited to; BodyTalk, Healing Touch and Reiki. She is currently studying Massage Therapy, as she desires to enhance her skill set in order to offer her client’s a variety of avenues for self healing with a maximum benefit. She has been studying and practicing in her field for several years now and knows the benefits of these practices for our overall health and wellness, as they have been her saving grace.

Marie has been a flight attendant for the past 11 years and is considered an expert in Air Safety as well as public relations. She has always had a love of Hawaii and enjoys spending her spare time dreaming up and planning the next upcoming Aloha Healing & Wellness retreats in Maui. Her love and passion for Aloha has driven her to follow a path in the Holistic Health care field to facilitate, and educate those seeking a different way, the true benefits of this Ancient Holistic approach.

We hope you’ll enjoy your sessions with Marie as much as she enjoys being here to offer her skills and wisdom along your journey to Whole Health.