A- Akamai: KINDNESS (grace)

L- Lokahi: UNITY (unbroken)

O-‘Olu’Olu: AGREEABLE (gentle)

H-Ha’aha’a: HUMILITY (empty)

A-Ahonui: PATIENCE (waiting for the moment)

A Secret of “ALOHA” is that a person cannot do one of the principles without truly doing all, and if you are not doing one you are not doing any. So to be “LIVING ALOHA” is to live all of the principles.”

(Writings by: Pono Shim & Ramsay Taum displayed at Maui airport)


Aloha Healing & Wellness offers a variety of healing modalities to ensure that clients have the opportunity to achieve health and happiness on many levels. We provide treatments that will benefit the clients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; through various bodywork techniques and sessions that work with the subtle energies of the auric field.  We provide something for everyone and are pleased and honored to assist you on your healing journey!

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Passionate and skilled Holistic Practitioners and Therapists; helping through healing & wellness, to rediscover our connection to ALOHA; a true remedy.

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Aloha Healing & Wellness Retreats offer something for every soul on a journey
to optimal health and Wellness. The remedy to Health & Wellness is ALOHA.

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